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Zoysia Grass Plugs | 50 Count Tray


IF YOUR ORDER IS SHIPPING TO: AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, KS, MS, MT, ND, NE, NM, NV, OK, SD or TX you must order a minimum of 2 trays or select the "2 Pack" option. Please allow additional handling time for shipments to these states for U.S. Department of Agriculture inspection and certification. WE CANNOT SHIP TO: AK, HI, UT, ID, OR, or WA.

These Zoysia Grass Plugs are ready for planting in your lawn; they are fully mature and many are already producing runners that will enable them to grow into a lush cover of grass.  They come shipped in trays and measure 1.75" x 1.75" x 2" inches deep.  Compare that to other sellers who expect you to cut apart your own plugs from thin strips of dry sod.  Our plugs are grown in a rich compost soil mixture that slowly feeds the plants as they are established in your yard.


Zenith® Zoysia is a great choice for home lawns throughout the country. Zenith has shown in study after study to be one of the most cold-tolerant and heat-tolerant zoysia varieties, and its wider blade looks very similar to kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue.  According to NTEP trials across the country, Zenith greens up earlier than Meyer in the Spring, and also has better dollar spot disease resistance.

An advantage to using plugs grown in trays is that there is much less transplant shock because the root system remains intact to a large extent. This allows the plug to start growing and spreading faster as it doesn't require the time to recover from transplant shock.

Zenith Zoysia Specifications:

  • Great shade tolerance.  Does well in full sun to partial shade
  • Deep green color
  • Medium Texture... Resembles Tall Fescue or Bluegrass and doesn't look thin or "wirey" like other Zoysias.
  • Grows well in extreme heat and cold (Grows well in USDA zones 6 to 10)
  • Low water requirement
  • Low nitrogen requirement
  • Grows slowly and needs infrequent mowing!


Follow our planting instructions guide and then just make sure you keep them well watered for the first 3 weeks.


Orders are shipped via FedEx Ground on Mondays and Thursdays. The shipping time provided in the cart prior to checkout is an estimated shipping time. If a holiday falls on a shipping date, orders will go out the following business day.

Please Note: Plugs shipped in fall/winter will be dormant and will have a brown/yellow appearance


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