Zoysia Maintenance in Winter

November 18, 2017

 If you have an established zoysia lawn than you can let it go until spring.  However, if you have plugs that are less than a year old you should water periodically. Do not mow the dormant Zoysia. Leaving the old growth will provide the zoysia plugs extra protection.  Read More

4 Tips That Will Make Your Plug Installation a Success!

Installing zoysia plugs is super simple! Follow these 4 tips to make your installation go smooth and fast. With a little patience and care, you will be rewarded with a lush, green carpet of zoysia grass.

MOW IT LOW: If installing into an existing lawn, mow your yard at the lowest setting. This makes installing the plugs easier because there is less grass/weeds to plug a hole through. After install, keep the grass mowed to a height of 1.5 to 2 inches to promote the outward growth of the zoysia plugs.

PLAN YOUR PLUG PATTERN: We recommend spacing your plugs no farther than 12 inches apart. You can use marking spray paint or stakes to mark the plug sites ahead of time.

STEP ON THE PLUGS: A good way to seat the plugs in their new holes is to firmly step on them after you install them. This will make sure there are no root-drying air pockets between your yard’s soil and the plug soil. You will want the plug hole to be just shallower than the height of your plug.

COLLECT AN INCH: Zoysia is a drought tolerant grass once established. In the first two weeks, you will want to water your plugs approximately one inch each day. The best way water zoysia is to use a sprinkler. We never suggest hand watering. . .even for small areas. Place a bowl or empty soup can in the middle of the area you are watering and collect at least an inch of water. You also want to try to water in the morning hours only.


Watch our install video here.



Mowing Zoysia Plugs

October 12, 2017

While Zenith Zoysia is an aggressive grass, it's upward growth is much slower and minimal compared to other grasses. This means the need to mow will be much less than what you're used to with your existing lawn. Zoysia performs best when it is kept between 3/4 and 2 inches tall. This doesn't mean you have to consistently maintain a certain height to have the lawn you desire! Instead, it simply means mowing your lawn down to a height in this range will keep it healthy and lush. When mowing your grass, try not to mow more than 1/3 of the blade at a time, unless it is the first mowing after the dormancy period. When your lawn begins to green up after the cooler months, getting rid of the entire brown portion of the blade will be best. Clippings of the grass can be left behind unless your mower tends to leave thick clumps that will block the sun from your Zoysia. Mowing throughout the growing period of the Zoysia is necessary, however, when it goes dormant, mowing is unnecessary.

Until your entire lawn is fully established you will have to mow a little more routinely. You will want to begin cutting your lawn after your Zoysia Plugs are established well enough to withstand a mowing (2-4 weeks after your Zoysia Plugs are planted). Because Zoysia is a warm season grass, your desired result will be best achieved when the plugs are exposed to as much light as possible. While they are still taking over, you want to keep your lawn mowed to 1 ½” to 2” so grasses surrounding the plugs do not overshadow your plugs. Furthermore, mowing regularly will force the plugs growth outward, helping them to spread more effectively.