Zoysia Maintenance in Winter

Zoysia goes dormant in the winter, which leaves many homeowners wondering, "Do I need to do anything to my Zoysia in the winter? If you have an established zoysia lawn than you can let it go until spring. Zoysia really is a low maintenance grass. However, if you have plugs that are less than a year old you should water periodically. Normally one thorough watering (about an inch) every 1.5 to 2 weeks should suffice while the plugs are dormant. This is dependent on rain/snow. Established zoysia lawns do not require any watering over winter because their deep root system will have more access to moisture in the ground.

Do not mow the dormant Zoysia. Leaving the old growth will provide the zoysia plugs extra protection. In early spring prior to green-up (late February or March) you can mow the old growth as low. After mowing rake off and dispose of the clippings. This will help reduce thatch and will give the appearance that your zoysia is greening up faster.

Make sure you are ready to fertilize come spring. As soon as your zoysia is completely green you may apply fertilizer. Always be certain to follow the application instructions and do not over fertilize. Before you know it you will be back to enjoying your lush, green carpet of zoysia.

Ryan Wolfe
Ryan Wolfe