100 sqft Starter Fertilizer



Great for New Sod

Newly planted seed and sod needs proper nutrients for a healthy root system to establish. This blend of fertilizer is designed to promote turf establishment and is the recommended product to apply when planting plugs, seeding or sodding.

The perfect premeasured amount for 2 of our Zoysia Trays!
• 10-10-10 Formulation
• 0.8 Lbs. 
• Covers 100 Square Feet
• Quick Release Nutrients are Immediately Available to Grass
• Economical
When to Use

Use whenever planting new plugs, sod or seed. Do not use if Zoysia is dormant (brown) or in winter as the grass is not actively growing and will not use the nutrients.

Grass Types
This is recommended for use on all grass types.


Category: fertilizer, sod booster, starter fertilizer

Type: Fertilizer