Love Your Soil - Gypsum & Humate


Assists in breaking up clay and loosens compacted soils, which improves root penetration, grass growth, and root mass.
This product is designed to help release nutrients trapped in the soil for premium grass growth. Love Your Soil® also helps to stimulate soil microbial life. The bacteria and fungi in the soil break down organic matter converting it to humus. Healthy biologically active soil contains as much as 5% organic humus while lawns that struggle might contain less than 1%.


Don't neglect the microbial life within the soil. In comparison, Love Your Soil® feeds and stimulates microbes to build a humus reserve which imparts nutrient-laden water and disease resistance. Microbial populations are responsible for recycling organic waste which makes the soil more porous allowing air, water, and grassroots to penetrate deeper.

When to Apply:
  • The best time to apply is spring, summer, or fall when the soil temperature reaches 65°F or higher.
  • Safe to apply when seeding or sodding.
  • Spread the product on a dry lawn soon after mowing. 

Safe for Children & Pets: Yes


Category: amendment, pH, sod booster, soil amendment

Type: Soil Amendment