Zoysia Plug Slab (makes 144 1.5" plugs)

This is a premium, perfect slab of Zoysia Sod, ready to be cut into plugs for planting.  Cutting this yourself is the most economical way to establish your Zoysia Lawn.  Each piece measure 18" inches x 18" inches.

How to Cut

Simply unbox the slab so that the dirt side is up.  This makes cutting with a knife much easier.  Cut vertical strips through the sod and then use either the same knife or garden shears to cut individual plugs from the strips.


Follow our planting instructions guide and then just make sure you keep them well watered for the first 3 weeks.

We are currently unable to ship to California. We do apologize for the inconvenience.

Please Note: Plugs shipped in fall/winter will be dormant and will have a brown/yellow appearance